Gut Remodeling: What Is It and When Is It the Right Remodeling Option?

Sometimes demolition is not the best option for revitalizing a house that needs significant remodeling. Homes with beautiful, healthy exteriors can be renovated from the inside out in a process known as gut remodeling. Your home improvement contractor can help you plan a gut remodel that saves money and materials, simultaneously preserving the environment.

When You Want an Entirely New Interior
Gut remodeling entails stripping the inside of a home whose outside is sturdy enough to house a new interior. Your contractors will strip the inside of the home layer by layer, removing flooring, walls, insulation, HVAC components, and plumbing as necessary. Doing so also helps to identify any problems that may have existed in the home that neither yourself nor service professionals would have previously seen your house from such a perspective.

When Your Exterior Is Healthy
If your home’s exterior is in good condition, tearing it down instead of working on the inside can be a costly mistake. For starters, you would be wasting useful materials from the outside of the home, such as expensive siding. There may also be insulation, flooring, and other parts of the house’s infrastructure that can be reused. In addition to not wasting expensive materials, you can help the environment by not discarding non-biodegradable substances like vinyl.

When a New Home Costs More
The materials remaining inside your gutted house can be worth several thousands of dollars, let alone the exterior. Scrapping all of this only to build a new home with all-new materials is like paying for the same thing twice. If the house is salvageable and sturdy, it’s most likely going to cost you less to gut remodel than to build something new. Just like applying for a mortgage for purchasing a new home, you can get a loan to cover the costs if necessary.

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