Aluminum Clad Wood Windows

Aluminum clad wood windows will give your home a clean finished look with low maintenance!

We recommend Marvin aluminum clad windows to all of our clients because of their style and durability. Marvin combines the highest quality extruded aluminum cladding with a 20 year finish warranty on all colors. This will add lasting beauty to your home’s exterior for decades to come.

WEB_Cladding-2_03The coating Marvin uses on their finishes is the same coating used on well-known high-rise buildings around the world, which minimizes any homeowner’s chances of having to repaint any Marvin windows in their home. We know your time is more valuable than having to spend time maintaining your windows which is why we recommend Marvin windows for any of our clients who are shopping for aluminum clad windows. Marvin guarantees that their finishes are so durable on their windows that they will last at least 20 years in any kind of weather before showing the first signs of wear and tear.

Marvin’s aluminum clad wood windows have many options when it comes to the style you choose. There are a variety of colors and casings to choose from to match any home. If you want a casing that isn’t available, Marvin offers unique profile casings that can be custom designed and built to your standards.

We will guide you every step of the way from choosing the right windows for your project to professional installation services.

Contact us today at (847) 878-9445(847) 878-9445 to schedule your in-home consultation. We look forward to working with you.

Marvin Warranty