Bring clean natural light into your home with skylights!

Isn’t time you enjoyed the beauty of the sky while relaxing in your home? With skylights, you can. Not only do skylights add depth and natural light into the home, but they also open manually or electronically, allowing fresh air to float throughout your home.

Our professional window installers guarantee that your skylights will never leak so rest assured you’re in the best hands with Bak Brothers Remodeling. We will guide you every step of the way from choosing the right windows for your project to professional installation services.

Our window manufacturer of choice for all skylight additions is Velux Windows. They are known for their skylight windows – let us show you why.

  • Nice & Clean – They apply a Features Neat glass coating on their skylights so they will stay spot-free and cleaner for a long period of time. Little to no maintenance required.
  • Less Noise – Guaranteed to reduce noise and sounds from the outside so you can relax peacefully inside while still being able to enjoy the views of your skylights. Outdoor noise is reduced up to 25% when compared to a standard double glass pane and up to 50% quieter than a plastic skylight.
  • Safe & Sound – All glass is laminated to meet all safety requirements and codes.

Velux Skylight Styles We Offer Include:

  • Venting Skylight
  • Fixed Skylight
  • Solar-Powered Skylight
  • Sun Tunnel

Contact us today at (847) 878-9445(847) 878-9445 to learn more about Velux skylights and to schedule your in-home consultation.

Velux Product Warranty